Aromatherapy Massage

Massage can be used for relief of tension & pain in muscles.

Combined with essential oils it promotes relaxation and relieves symptoms.

Full body massage includes shea butter, calendula and coconut carrier oils to accompany essential oils. These are particularly nourishing for the skin.

Back massage can be taken in 30 minute or 60 minute sessions and is particularly helpful for targeting problem areas. In addition, the neck and head will be included in back massage if treatment time allows. 


Head and Shoulder Tension Release

Short intensive massage treatment for the upper back, neck and head.

Ideal for targeting a common area of tension for most people. 

Stand alone 30 minute treatment OR add on to other treatments.


Indian Head Massage

Extremely beneficial for head neck & shoulders. Relaxes and revives this area.

Ideal for tension in muscles, headaches, refreshing and reviving. Increased blood supply nourishes & eliminates toxins


Thai Foot Massage

Specifically for the feet & lower leg.

Incorporating reflex points, this massage stretches & eases muscular stiffness in the foot and ankle joint improving circulation/waste elimination to the area