Reiki - Energy Healing

Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on Japanese energy healing. It is the coming together of universal energy (Rei) and our personal life force energy (Ki) to facilitate the body to heal. Ki is also known as Prana or Chi, and and can be felt through the meridians (Chinese medicine) or chakras (Indian yoga or medicines).

The client remains fully clothed throughout the treatment and is often covered to provide warmth and comfort. While the therapist is working an energetic heat can be felt from the therapist’s hands. The aim of the treatment is to promote the healing ability of the client’s own body, and to produce a state of deep relaxation to allow healing to take place. 

The treatment is deeply relaxing, and brings a harmonizing, gentle healing to the body and mind. It promotes a feeling of wellbeing, and is especially useful for stress or anxiety related conditions.This treatment can be also be used for relaxation, and to relieve painful conditions.